Cadillacs and Dinosaurs v3.2

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs v3.2
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: classic side-scrolling beat’em up game


1. Virtual key operation, COIN is a coin, START is the start
2. Normal Attack: Press A
3 running, press the A button, you can double-click to achieve batter running attack,
4. Jump attack: jump press
5 jump attack? Oblique kick: jump attack at the same time press the arrow keys and A keys (such as turn right and kick on the A key and press the → key), generally only in place to use this trick when jumping (Mostar method can run moving in with)
6 swing attack: Press the AB button to knock the enemy within a certain range and has a great chance to make the enemy fly up after downing dizziness, but will consume about 10% of the blood.

1. Games are advertising;
This game there are certain requirements for the CPU frequency, the low frequency sounds off the phone suggested, it would be much better;
3. Do not support multi-touch cell phone can be a virtual arrow keys.

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