Black Border: Papers Game v1.0.5 [Paid]

Black Border: Papers Game v1.0.5 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Black Border is a papers game which is the simulation of protecting border entry and exit gates.


Black Border is a papers game which is the simulation of protecting border entry and exit gates. In this game, as the inspector of the border chamber, you are supposed to check the passengers’ documents.
The followings are some items which the inspector (you) is supposed to control carefully:
• The Full name of each individual mention in all the papers.
• The weight and height of the passengers and checking them against the related values mentioned in the papers.
• The validity date of the papers.
• Inspection of passengers for arms and illicit objects and prevention from their entrance to the country.
• Checking the face of the passengers against the photos in their documents.
• Simple but addicting mechanics.
• New Game Modes constantly getting added.
• Beautiful graphics!
• Rich story
• Story choice
• Multiple endings
• Disguise Communication
• Opposition Groups Communication

They don’t want you to do your duty; they want you to obey.
-Mark Madison

Brothers and Sisters, Alanan greets you.
After the independence of the states of our motherland, Mudland, we were the only ones who stayed true to the ideals of Mudland. Based on our leader’s speeches, we searched for nothing but freedom, but the intrusive and corrupted regimes of Partakna And Denber were against our country’s independence. After years of bloody war with enemies of the people and the killing of innocent women and children of Alanan, now is time to rebuild the country. Let’s unite once more and create Alanan anew. May our Great Leader be with us along this journey.
-David Sullivan, Alanan’s Prime Minister

It is a pleasure to have you as the leading officer in the Alananian mafia case.
The case of traitorous individuals who for their own agenda betrayed their people and country.
Based on the council of the Justice Department of Ezireta, this case is confidential, and only you and the Mudland Union Security department are given the clearance to access said folder.
We hope to use your abilities to the fullest and bring justice to those who deserve it.
-Jim Rickford, Lead investigative officer

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