UltimateFaves Pro v1.1.1

UltimateFaves Pro v1.1.1
Requirements: Android
Overview: UltimateFaves lets you organize your favorite apps, contacts and bookmarks in floating 3D carousels for a quick and easy access.

Main Features:
– Unlimited number of carousels in UltimateFavesPRO (2 carousels in UltimateFaves)
– Each carousel can contain up to 16:

1. Applications
2. Contact Cards
3. Contact Phones
4. Contact SMS
5. Contact E-mails

– Contextual menu for each carousel item
– Carousels can be controlled by touch-screen, trackball, D-Pad.
– Quick launch via notification bar
– Quick launch via camera button
– Quick launch via long-pressing search button (coming soon)
– Carousel vibration (haptic feedback)
– Custom carousel speed
– Custom backgrounds
– Custom icon sizes
– Application can be kept in memory for a quicker-launch
– Home screen widgets to launch custom carousels
– Highly configurabl

New in this version:
* When dialog issues with screen orientation changes.
* When renaming a carousel and screen orientation changes, EditView content is maintained.

More Info:

Code: Select allhttp://ultimatefaves.wordpress.com/

Download Instructions:


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