Plexiglass for KLWP v1.15 [Paid]

Plexiglass for KLWP v1.15 [Paid]
Requirements: 5.0 and up


You first will need to download KLWP and buy KLWP Pro. Free version of KLWP does not let you import presets like ones which are included in this app.

Plexiglass offers a set of pretty and functional homescreen setups for KLWP. The themes in this pack are optimized for all aspect ratios.

List of themes:

Redline – 5 pages in launcher
Blueline – 4 pages in launcher
Iced – 2 pages in launcher
Jejune – 3/4 pages in launcher
Rizu – 2 pages in launcher – 4 pages in launcher
Tinko – 4 pages in launcher
Stack – 4 pages in launcher

More themes will be added in the future

How to use themes

1. Install KLWP and buy KLWP Pro
2. Open the Plexiglass app and select the theme you want to use
3. Tap on the “Save” icon in the top right corner
4. Set KLWP as your wallpaper
5. Set your pages to the amount the theme you’ve chosen requires

Have an issue or found a bug?

Contact me through e-mail or DM me on Twitter:

[email protected]

The icon pack used in screenshots for “Iced”, “Stack” and “Tinko” is Minty by Patryk Goworowski. Those icons are NOT included in the app.

What’s New:
Rizu 2.2:
• Notifications are back
• You can change the position of little square thumbnails now, or hide them
• You can disable gradients on cards
• The weather card has a refresh button now

• Updated the globals a little bit, they should be less confusing now
• Fixed dark mode related bugs

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

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Download Instructions:


Trouble downloading? Read This.

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