LokPixPro v1.17

LokPixPro v1.17
Requirements: Android
Overview: LokPix consists of a Camera module with a variety of modes and settings for nearly every situation, and a Gallery of the secured photos, with a panning, zooming Viewer. It can Export photos to the Android Gallery application (leaving behind the encryption), and can Import photos taken with the Android Camera application, or received via email or SMS.

LokPixPro incorporates a much more powerful encryption algorithm. If you are serious about protecting your photos, this should provide a reasonable level of security.


    Camera capture with many more exposure options than the built-in camera application. Special modes for unusual lighting or color effects.
    Built-in picture Gallery and zooming Viewer.
    Convenient operation – quickly switch between Camera and Gallery.
    Multiple Virtual Galleries – just use a different passkey for each set of photos you wish to view as a group.
    Export decrypted photos to the Android Gallery application.
    Import and encrypt photos from the Android Gallery application.
    Secure erase – overwrites the file before deleting it.
    Professional-grade AES encryption (LokPixPro only).

Please use the links in the Navigation Menu on the left to see the features and limitations of the LokPixLite and LokPixPro versions.

More Info:

Code: Select allhttp://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-closecrowd-lokpixpro-jiji.aspx

Download Instructions:

http://rapidshare.com/files/379084574/L … _v1.17.apk

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