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Found v1.8 on the web after about 20min of searching. Attached it below. Use at your own risk, I have not checked it for viruses etc… Just thought you guys might want it, as its suppose to fix a few bugs from 1.7.

I’m going to go load it up on my phone and see how well it works…

download v1.8: http://www.symbianplanet.net/forum/down … 0cd7be4d49

EDIT: seems to work alright. Certainly not going to get the same performance as on a PC, but it does work. Must have for torrenters :P

EDIT AGAIN: After more extensive use, I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with this app. After trying about 20 or so torrent files, only about 2-3 of them actually started downloading or connecting to any peers. Not only that, but the longest I got the thing to work was about 30MB worth. The interface does not handle more than one torrent (you cant queue future torrents either) and the interface does not display any progress other than the up/down speed. That makes it annoying because you don’t know if its trying to do anything or not. This is also the only app on them arket that allows you to download torrents right on the phone.

Due to the problems described above, I haveto change my opinion and say a better alternative is «Transdroid» or «torrent droid» which remote control uotorrent on your pc. That basically allows you to manage your torrent downloads (and add new ones) using your phone, but the actual download is done at the pc. Until aBTC gets some major improvements or a new app comes out offering decent bittorrent file downloading, we will have to use such remote pc alternatives for now.

#aBTC #Mobilism

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